Monday, June 14, 2010

My Sister My Bride

My Sisters My Bride

Sunshine swinging high ~

Ruffles and bows ~

Touch the sky ~ With little toes

Pigtails and curls ~ Wiggles ~ Giggles

Spins and swirls ~ Ribbons and lace

Gentle breeze ~ On each little face

Turn the page ~ A different age
Innocence a distant thought ~ Hearts now faint

Tricked ~ Seduced by lies ~ We bought

Trading ruffles and frilly bows ~ For unfaithful rooster crows

Harlot Scarlet ~ One by one ~ Bowed to the SON

Hungry, parched with thirst ~ Found each other

In their search

A band of Sisters ~ Hand in Hand

Helping each other to take a stand

Preparing for the One they love

Listen to the Cooing Dove

Purest virgins prepare their lamp

Loving hearts ~ Bare His stamp

Sisters, Brides clothed in white

Once again to touch the sky

Chariot swing ~ Wide and high

Eternal sisters I‘ve been told

Are brides that won’t ever, ever grow old!

(My notes) We have all sinned and come short ... thus  becoming spiritual harlots.
This impression was inspired and shared for a women's retreat. The impression started with a picture in my mind's eye... of a beautiful day in the past when I was a little girl on a these images played out in my mind...I could visualize each of my dearest friends on that exact same day in time, swinging outside, my realization was the view from heaven, His view...our destinies, more than friends...he knew each of us...then in that moment... knowing we would grow up and He would bring us together as eternal sisters and His Beloved bride.
The theme of the retreat was "What Not To Wear"...spiritually
Making our selves ready for His return just as a bride prepares herself for her wedding day, we must prepare our heart intensely...religion without relationship is empty...The cooing dove represents the Holy Spirit...a Bridal coordinator...Brides are passionate...focused on one event...on one true love... it consumes them with a fire of passion instead of sealing their fate in a fire of judgment.


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  2. Lee, I was just thinking about you today when I saw the other blog you used to have come up on my list, but when I clicked on it I could tell it was not yours as it was in another language. I'm guessing someone else is now using your name. Merry Christmas to you and your family.